Woodcuts by contemporay artist Brian Kershisnik. Original limited edition hand colored woodcuts.
Black and white woodcut of a black sheep held in the arms of a white robed figure. Quick shop

Other Sheep

$ 95.00 USD

Black and white woodcut of a a carved ball with a compass being held by a hand. Quick shop


$ 95.00 USD

Black and White woodcut of a man with his hand on his forehead crying over pages. Quick shop

Sad Scholar

$ 95.00 USD

Woodcut of a man with black slacks and white shirt pointing the direction. Quick shop
Black and white woodcut of a two hands reaching out touch the hand of another. Quick shop


$ 95.00 USD

Black and white woodcut of an angel sounding a trump and holding a book. Quick shop

Book of Mormon Suite

$ 1,975.00 USD

Woodcut of a young boy kneeling on the ground to play marbles while angels in the corners watch over. Barefoot, and wearing black and white check shorts. Quick shop

little game - woodcut

$ 225.00 USD

Woodcut with a man and woman doing a difficult acrobatic move with her hands on the ground and feet in the air and he on one leg balancing her. Black and whit. Quick shop