Daniel takes an intuitive approach to his work.  He begins with a single line or an irregular shape - and then adds and alters successive forms, elements and colors until a cumulative level of interaction exists to communicate a cohesive feeling and  a complete idea. Many of his designs are unrestrained in their use of color and complexity while others are minimalistic black and white compositions.  Often in the process of creating arrays of lines and forms, he relies upon pareidolia as a means to identify and build upon recognizable elements. At times he integrates words into his artworks. The artist routinely creates smaller artworks that he refers to as "abstractoons." 


Tempest Tossed- print Quick shop

Tempest Tossed- print

from $ 25.00 USD

Allocation - original Quick shop

Allocation - original

$ 295.00 USD

Whiskers - original Quick shop

Whiskers - original

$ 295.00 USD

Surround Sound - original Quick shop
Emendation - original Quick shop

Emendation - original

$ 295.00 USD

Little Robot - print Quick shop

Little Robot - print

$ 60.00 USD

Black and White Quick shop

Black and White

$ 220.00 USD

Figure - print Quick shop

Figure - print

$ 160.00 USD

the ward picnic - original Quick shop