Giclee prints by contemporary artists Brian Kershisnik, Sarah Richards Samuelson, Colby Sanford, Daniel Bartholomew, Michael Workman, Jacqui Larsen and Bruce Hixon Smith.

Young Astronomer giclee by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik. A young mother in a blue dress with stars on it holds her baby and both gaze up into the heavens on a dark night. Quick shop
Red House - giclee Quick shop

Red House - giclee

$ 250.00 USD

Giclee print of an original oil painting Lovers in the Fall by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik. A couple kissing against the lush fall back drop of rich red orange and yellow leaves Quick shop
Giclee pigment print of an original oil painting Winter Dancing by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik.Four bundled for the cold people hold hands and dance gleefully on the snow while two small children watch. Turquoise, red, black and gray clothing against a turquoise snowscape with black barren trees. Quick shop
Seventy Times Seven - giclee Quick shop
Giclee print of an original oil painting Climbing Mother by contemporary figurative artist Brian Kershisnik. A mother holds her baby tight while another climbs a ladder leaned against her back against a blue and green tiled backdrop with angel in each top corner. Quick shop
Brian Kershisnik paints Jesus and the Angry Babies limited edition giclee. Jesus holds 3 unhappy babies on his lap with another toddler looking up. Quick shop
Turquoise with white polka dotted vase filled with orange, blue, pink, white and yellow flowers with greenery against a light background. Quick shop

Alice Deena - giclee

$ 245.00 USD

A man with black slacks and red shirt with measuring tape in hand and a woman with red skirt and white skirt and measuring tape against a red background. Quick shop

The Measuring - giclee

$ 250.00 USD