Sunshine in My Soul - giclee
Sunshine in My Soul - giclee
Sunshine in My Soul - giclee

Sunshine in My Soul - giclee

$ 130.00 USD

Gicleé print of a digital drawing by Sarah Richards Samuelson. Printed with archival pigment ink on archival mid-weight enhanced matte paper (lustre option) or on canvas. Open edition. 
  • image size 20x16"
  • 2" border

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When I first came here

I missed that mountain being near

I missed the trees that grow there

That I have known

So well

And, I know, that they have known me

I have found comfort there

In the green

And in the shade

I have felt saved

And heard

And free

To speak,

And to cry

And to wonder why

And feel the gentle breeze

And hear the sound

Of rustling leaves.

When I first came here

I mourned the distance

Between me

And these things I had grown to need

I longed to be on that mountain

Instead of far away

I missed the trees

With my whole heart

I doubted that I could ever start

To feel peace here

Far away

Not near the mountain and trees

That I hold dear

I longed for the sound

Of the leaves in the breeze

And the way the dirt there feels

Beneath my bike,

beneath my feet,

Beneath my knees.

I miss the colors

I miss the shade

I miss the way that I could stay

There, in the mountain…

And then it rained

And the flowers came

And I have started to see

That even though

My mountain and trees are far away

I have come to appreciate my new view

Distant, but whole.

There is also something here for my soul

I see in a different way

I see a whole shape

Made up of organic, changing parts

And I find comfort

In feeling your whole presence

Always within my view


But changing

The clouds and the sky

Continuously rearranging

There are things about our distance

That are so beautiful

And good

And I am content to see you

Far away

And the flowers that surround me

Make me happy

And make me want to stay