King is known for her large scale abstracted floral pieces. She paints with oils on canvas with an impressionistic color palette, aggressive brushstrokes, and heavy texture. Although some species of flowers within her pieces may be recognized, many of them are imagined rather than actual. Her florals represent femininity and feminine spaces.

A dark turquoise vase filled with orange, pink, mustard, red and white flowers against a dark spring green wall and on a yellow cloth with red stripes. Quick shop

Whitney - giclee

$ 245.00 USD

Turquoise with white polka dotted vase filled with orange, blue, pink, white and yellow flowers with greenery against a light background. Quick shop

Alice Deena - giclee

$ 245.00 USD

A pitcher filled with bright yellow, orange and pink flowers with green and turquoise foliage against a light blue, white and pink polka dotted background on an orange and yellow squared cloth. Quick shop

Winifred - giclee

$ 195.00 USD

Floral arrangement with a myriad of colors ranging from shades of burnt oranges, shades of pinks, golds, yellows and turquoise in a brown vase against a light background by Emily Fox King. Quick shop
Sarah - giclee Quick shop

Sarah - giclee

$ 275.00 USD

Dollhouse 18 - giclee Quick shop

Dollhouse 18 - giclee

$ 245.00 USD

Dollhouse 17 - giclee Quick shop

Dollhouse 17 - giclee

$ 245.00 USD

Blue Crush - giclee Quick shop

Blue Crush - giclee

$ 275.00 USD

All the Good - giclee Quick shop

All the Good - giclee

$ 330.00 USD