My subjects are typically not grand, they are you and me – a little awkward in their common work-a-day holiness. They are often not “getting it”, or perhaps getting it wrong. They are misunderstood, like you and I are misunderstood, but loved and lovely too. They are a little heavy footed in their dancing, a little disheveled in their useful and inscrutable activities, a little disoriented in their best of intentions. The subjects in my paintings are metaphorical and mythological autobiography and when it is working, they are you too.

A collection of youthful faces looking in the same direction against a green background. Quick shop

What is next

$ 2,800.00 USD

A man with his arms extended behind him as if carrying a heavy object agains a turquoise background and three onlookers. Quick shop

Invisibile burden

$ 900.00 USD

Black and white woodcut of an angel sounding a trump and holding a book. Quick shop

Book of Mormon Suite

$ 1,975.00 USD

An artist in a beige shirt and black pants painting in his studio covered with paintings on the wall and floor and with his black lab watching him. Quick shop
Black and white woodcut of a two hands reaching out touch the hand of another. Quick shop


$ 95.00 USD

Black and White woodcut of a man with his hand on his forehead crying over pages. Quick shop

Sad Scholar

$ 95.00 USD

Black and white woodcut of a black sheep held in the arms of a white robed figure. Quick shop

Other Sheep

$ 95.00 USD

Black and white woodcut of a a carved ball with a compass being held by a hand. Quick shop


$ 95.00 USD

Looking up (man) - sculpture Quick shop