My subjects are typically not grand, they are you and me – a little awkward in their common work-a-day holiness. They are often not “getting it”, or perhaps getting it wrong. They are misunderstood, like you and I are misunderstood, but loved and lovely too. They are a little heavy footed in their dancing, a little disheveled in their useful and inscrutable activities, a little disoriented in their best of intentions. The subjects in my paintings are metaphorical and mythological autobiography and when it is working, they are you too.

Profile of man with dark hair and black sweater over a green colored shirt facing a profile of blonde woman and light colored top against an intense blue background Quick shop
A man in a dark shirt with two children watching a dog run away. Quick shop

Dogs go

$ 6,400.00 USD

Against an orange background a man in dark hair and colors faces three people. Quick shop

Confused disciples

$ 2,800.00 USD

A man with a checkered shirt and a white dog barking against a blue turquoise background and dark ground. Quick shop

Barking at nothing

$ 900.00 USD

A young man with a green striped button shirt faces six dogs different breeds faces him against a light greenish background. Quick shop

Judgement of dogs

$ 1,950.00 USD

Two young boys on the beach, Quick shop

Beach combing

$ 900.00 USD

A woman in a dark red top in an open embrace with a dark haired man with a green top who is pointing another way. Quick shop

Lovers distracted

$ 5,400.00 USD

A young father with dark hair and wearing a blue sweater and holding a wee baby against an orange background with a turquoise stripe down the side. Quick shop

New name

$ 4,100.00 USD

A man with his arms extended behind him as if carrying a heavy object agains a turquoise background and three onlookers. Quick shop

Invisibile burden

$ 900.00 USD