Daniel Bartholomew


Created with ink on BFK Rives paper. This sturdy paper has a very nice texture, absorbs inks quickly (which helps to prevent smearing) and displays colors vividly.
The frame on this piece is done with ebonized walnut and optium museum acrylic glazing. The framing was done by M. Scott Gardner, a master craftsman who has been building custom art frames for almost four decades. Optium acrylic is the best-of-the-best glazing material. It is non-glare/non-reflective - meaning that the viewer will see the artwork instead of their reflection. Any person who wants to know the difference should stand in front of an artwork with regular glass and take a photograph (they will see their reflection in the photograph). Optium acrylic offers UV light protection (helps to prevent the artwork from being faded by the sun). It does not scratch easily (unlike regular acrylic) and unlike glass it is very difficult to break. 

  • size 9x9
  • framed size 10x0
  • shipping $60