Shari Lyon is an encaustic artist who paints with a specific mixture of beeswax and damar resin. Shari also incorporates the use of oil paints, pan pastels, oil sticks, photography, and drawings. Shari loves the dreamy, ethereal image with texture and appeal, unlike any other art form. Shari is often drawn to the imagery and symbolism of trees, but she often plays with other themes that are important to her as well, such as beautiful loose landscapes. Together with her husband who is also an artist, they love to support and mentor young or emerging artists.
Sundown Shades - original Quick shop
A Curious Murder (of crows) - original Quick shop
Sometimes I walk into the wind - original Quick shop
Life's Ups and Downs - original Quick shop
Grounded Connection - original Quick shop
Untitled - original Quick shop

Untitled - original

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