And God Remembered Rachel - giclee

And God Remembered Rachel - giclee

$ 305.00 USD

Giclee print of an original oil painting by Sarah Richards Samuelson. Printed with archival pigment ink on archival Hahnemeuhle William Turner paper.  Limited edition of 150. Signed and numbered by the artist. 

  • image size 32.8x12"
  • paper size 36.8x16"


“And God remembered Rachel….”  (Gen 30:22)

As Joseph’s ten older brothers were born, his mother Rachel yearned to have a baby.  I have contemplated the idea that Rachel may have started weaving and embroidering a blanket with the hope that one day she would have a baby.  As other children were born, perhaps Rachel made her blanket more elaborate.

As Joseph grew older and his mother died, his father could have had the blanket made into a coat for him as an outward symbol of the love of his parents.

I added the white poppies to the composition because a friend of mine, who grew up in Israel told me that the phrase "consider the lilies of the field"  conjures images of poppies for her.  I like to add that meaning to this image.  "Considering the lilies" can sometimes be a difficult task, especially when wanting and waiting is prolonged.