Original works by contemporary artists Brian Kershisnik, Sarah Samuelson, Colby Sanford, and Daniel Bartholomew.
Two birds one yellow and one blue seem to be singing to each other against a white backdrop with a stream of houses in the distance with a dark blue background. Quick shop
A white house outlined in red suspended and against a very dark starlit background sitting on as it were a blue and white patterned tablecloth. Quick shop
A blue house with a black roof floating like a kite with a string that is held by a duck against an aqua blue fabric patterned background. Quick shop
Aria at Dawn - original Quick shop
Untitled (2) - original Quick shop
and there was not a particle of it which he did not behold - original Quick shop
A pinkish orange house is floating with a string attached agains a textured background with an orange sky and a blue and yellow llama looks on in the corner. Quick shop
A gray tiptoeing bunny rabit against a varied textured and colored patchwork quilt with a blue house suspended across the center by a rope. Quick shop
Turquoise vase filled with blue, pink, gold, and multi colored florals against a dark red background. Quick shop