Giclee prints by contemporary artists Brian Kershisnik, Sarah Richards Samuelson, Colby Sanford, Daniel Bartholomew, Michael Workman, Jacqui Larsen and Bruce Hixon Smith.

Thin Curtain - giclee Quick shop

Thin Curtain - giclee

$ 250.00 USD

Ten Lepers Healed - giclee Quick shop
Stay-at-Home Dad - giclee Quick shop
Giclee print of an original oil painting Wounded Saint by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik. A dark haired young man with halo holds his wounded bloodied arm. He is in a white shirt with a background of an orange sky with black birds and a landscape of mountains and green land. Quick shop

Wounded Saint - giclee

$ 225.00 USD

A couple embraces while each holding a book and reading it with one hand against a turquoise and grey background. She with her brown hair pulled back in a bun is wearing a white dress with small orange tile prints and he with his dark hair and a dark sweater and army green slacks. Quick shop
A couple, she will dark red hair and he with black against the skycap with turquoise. Quick shop

Lovers and a city

$ 250.00 USD

Three women and a child looking for treasures on the sea shore Quick shop

Beach Combers

$ 250.00 USD

A pair of lovers in a tender embrace holding up the starry heavens while their feet are planted on the earth. She is in a green leafy patterned dress and he in black slacks and an off-white shirt against a blue sky. Quick shop