I strive to recognize truths that ring for me, truths that reach deep. As I respond to the ringings with creative expression, and most often, through a paintbrush, I discover who I am, and who we all are, at our core.

I can feel and understand sunshine with more clarity than most speach Quick shop
Fly down to me little wings, little soul Quick shop
To fly close to the crystal surface and dip a curious toe Quick shop
Finding Together Quick shop

Finding Together

$ 500.00 USD

Window Reading Quick shop

Window Reading

$ 1,200.00 USD

Planted - original Quick shop

Planted - original

$ 1,200.00 USD

Zoo Keeper - original Quick shop

Zoo Keeper - original

$ 1,200.00 USD

Storytime Together - giclee Quick shop
Baby Steps - giclee Quick shop

Baby Steps - giclee

$ 175.00 USD