A blue house with a black roof floating like a kite with a string that is held by a duck against an aqua blue fabric patterned background. Quick shop
Woodcut of a man with black slacks and white shirt pointing the direction. Quick shop
A Tiding of Magpies - giclee Quick shop
Giclee print of an original oil painting A Very Big Woman by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik. A larger than life woman in a pink and grey triangle patterned dress with dark hair in a bun looks into a small orange and yellow hot air ballon with a tiny man. Quick shop
Turquoise with white polka dotted vase filled with orange, blue, pink, white and yellow flowers with greenery against a light background. Quick shop

Alice Deena - giclee

$ 245.00 USD

and there was not a particle of it which he did not behold - original Quick shop
Relief print Angel by contemporary figurative artist Brian Kershisnik. Angel flying through the air blowing a trump and holding a book. Quick shop

Angel - relief print

$ 95.00 USD

Angels - cards Quick shop

Angels - cards

$ 22.00 USD

Open edition poster of an original oil painting Angels by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik. A swam of angels young and old fly together clothed in white against a pale turquoise background. The lead angel carries a baby. Quick shop

Angels - poster

from $ 30.00 USD