Becoming- original
Becoming- original
Becoming- original

Becoming- original

$ 440.00 USD

Framed original oil on panel painting by Sarah Richards Samuelson.
  • 8"x10"
  • shipping cost not included in the price and to be determined by size and distance

From where she stood
Was colorful and bright
Petals everywhere
Fragrance filled the air
With thorns down below
Cuts and scars she would only know
She held her babies tight
And led them to touch and feel and smell
And teach them as well
All the things that she knew
How to weather the storms
Appreciate beauty in all its forms
And how to nurse cuts,
From thorns
From where she stood
She did all that she could
It was where she wanted to be
In the roses-
She was free
To discover what being a mother
Felt like
And she could see
The splendor and the pain
And she stayed
Just the same
Because motherhood, from where she stood
Was where she became
More divine
Petals, fragrance and thorns intertwined
And children in her arms
Navigating the harms
And capturing the good
From where she stood
Among the roses,