A Simple Recipe - original

A Simple Recipe - original

$ 615.00 USD

An original acrylic with walnut frame by contemporary artist Colby Sanford. 

  • 8" painting


A Mere Day's Growth + A Simple Recipe

"How is it, my Queen Midas, 
that as soon as you 
show me your care for something 
that it’s brightness soon
Comes to life in my mind?

Such as,

Your worry at the shape of our dear little’s head, day after day as you hold her. Moving her hair, that is coming in fast, from one side to the other, examining, comparing to the similar shape of my own. 


The measurements of buttermilk, oats, wheat flour, sugar, vanilla, blueberries and my two extra tablespoons of water, become more than a crispy edged breakfast with its peaks and valleys.  

A mere day’s growth 
becomes a valuable difference. 
A simple recipe becomes 
a reason to wake. 
Something once pointless 
now worth more than 
its own weight.


Pebble things
Pebble moments 
By your care
By your touch
Turned into