Profile of a woman with her hair pulled back, white shirt and the word "Everyone is broken, but some bear the great and terrible burden of hope" written on a deep blue background. Quick shop

Everyone is broken

$ 900.00 USD

A young man with a green striped button shirt faces six dogs different breeds faces him against a light greenish background. Quick shop

Judgement of dogs

$ 1,950.00 USD

An artist in a beige shirt and black pants painting in his studio covered with paintings on the wall and floor and with his black lab watching him. Quick shop
Solar Powered - original Quick shop
and there was not a particle of it which he did not behold - original Quick shop
A collection of youthful faces looking in the same direction against a green background. Quick shop

What is next

$ 2,800.00 USD

A man with his arms extended behind him as if carrying a heavy object agains a turquoise background and three onlookers. Quick shop

Invisibile burden

$ 900.00 USD

A woman in a dark red top in an open embrace with a dark haired man with a green top who is pointing another way. Quick shop

Lovers distracted

$ 5,400.00 USD

A woman in a black swimsuit on the beach with three young ones. Quick shop

Au bord de la mer

$ 2,800.00 USD