For Jacqui Larsen, art is a way to collect observations, experiences, and impressions on one visual plane. “We live double lives,” she says, “the exterior, observable life that can be captured in a snapshot and the interior life of thoughts, memories and dreams. I’m interested in the spaces where these worlds connect or collide.” Larsen’s layered paintings and collages include everyday images of suburban houses, domestic objects, and animals from birds to llamas. “When I end a work with more questions than when I started,” she says, “I know I’m on the right track.” 

Two birds one yellow and one blue seem to be singing to each other against a white backdrop with a stream of houses in the distance with a dark blue background. Quick shop
The head of a white deer with blue antlers surrounded with oranges and yellow looks out at you. Quick shop
A white house outlined in red suspended and against a very dark starlit background sitting on as it were a blue and white patterned tablecloth. Quick shop
A gray tiptoeing bunny rabit against a varied textured and colored patchwork quilt with a blue house suspended across the center by a rope. Quick shop
How to Do Things With Books - giclee Quick shop
Pandora's Dogs - giclee Quick shop
A Tiding of Magpies - giclee Quick shop
Patterns of Migration - giclee Quick shop