Brian Kershisnik

My subjects are typically not grand, they are you and me – a little awkward in their common work-a-day holiness. They are often not “getting it”, or perhaps getting it wrong. They are misunderstood, like you and I are misunderstood, but loved and lovely too. They are a little heavy footed in their dancing, a little disheveled in their useful and inscrutable activities, a little disoriented in their best of intentions. The subjects in my paintings are metaphorical and mythological autobiography and when it is working, they are you too.

Giclee print of an original oil painting Wounded Saint by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik. A dark haired young man with halo holds his wounded bloodied arm. He is in a white shirt with a background of an orange sky with black birds and a landscape of mountains and green land. Quick shop

Wounded Saint - giclee

$ 225.00 USD

A women with dark hair pulled back in a bun and wearing green patterned shirt, brownish skirt knocking on a dark blue house covered with stars on green grass against a sunset. Quick shop

Star House - giclee

$ 295.00 USD

Divine Intervention - poster Quick shop

Divine Intervention - poster

from $ 25.00 USD

Signed Limited edition relief print Jacob Wrestling the Angel by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik.The angel has Jacob in a strong hold.  Quick shop
Relief print Handshake by contemporary figurative artist Brian Kershisnik. Two hands are shaking as if in an agreement. Quick shop
Nauvoo Temple - relief print Quick shop
Relief print Angel by contemporary figurative artist Brian Kershisnik. Angel flying through the air blowing a trump and holding a book. Quick shop

Angel - relief print

$ 95.00 USD

Pruners - giclee Quick shop

Pruners - giclee

$ 250.00 USD

Thin Curtain - giclee Quick shop

Thin Curtain - giclee

$ 250.00 USD