My subjects are typically not grand, they are you and me – a little awkward in their common work-a-day holiness. They are often not “getting it”, or perhaps getting it wrong. They are misunderstood, like you and I are misunderstood, but loved and lovely too. They are a little heavy footed in their dancing, a little disheveled in their useful and inscrutable activities, a little disoriented in their best of intentions. The subjects in my paintings are metaphorical and mythological autobiography and when it is working, they are you too.

Young Astronomer poster by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik. A young mother in a turquoise dress with stars on it holds her baby and both gaze up into the heavens on a dark night. Quick shop

Young Astronomer - poster

from $ 25.00 USD

A young woman looking for something is redirected by a hovering angel white haired angel against an orange background. Quick shop
Giclee print of an original oil painting Mom Trick by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik.A red headed mother in a red leotard and tight holding tight her red headed baby she is balancing as walks on a tightrope against a turquoise backdrop. Quick shop

Mom Trick - giclee

$ 250.00 USD

They All Dance - poster Quick shop

They All Dance - poster

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Open edition poster of an original oil painting Angels by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik. A swam of angels young and old fly together clothed in white against a pale turquoise background. The lead angel carries a baby. Quick shop

Angels - poster

from $ 30.00 USD

Print of an original oil painting Climbing Mother by contemporary figurative artist Brian Kershisnik. A mother holds her baby tight while another climbs a ladder leaned against her back against a blue and green tiled backdrop with angel in each top corner. Quick shop

Climbing Mother - poster

from $ 35.00 USD

Victorious Youth poster by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik.  A young woman and young man joyfully walk on spring green grass against a turquoise  sky. She is in a gray/white patterned dress and he in black pant and dark turquoise shirt. Quick shop

Victorious Youth - poster

from $ 30.00 USD

Angels - cards Quick shop

Angels - cards

$ 22.00 USD

She Will Find What is Lost - cards Quick shop